Monday, October 8, 2007


Decora was once the sweetest or pure of heart girl you could ever meet, but has always suffered. her mother was single and a vampire so during pregnancy she used others blood. so this means Decora has many other people's blood running through her veins. her mother died during labor so this was her first tragedy. being raised by her uncle who sadly was very poor she had to sell matches on the street. when thirteen she was accepted into Prof. Wisp's preparatory school for sorcery. she was very good in school getting perfect grades, except for potions 101. she was so bad that one day in her second week of school she mixed the wrong ingredients and accidentally killed a fellow student. she was depressed forever but didn't let it get to her, it was completely an accident. she finally got pst potions, and on may 25TH 1938 she graduated from school. she was around 18 years old because she was born in 1920. a month later she started seeing a handsome former classmate of hers. about a year later they were supposed to be married. right when she said "i do" he somehow died. she was now finally driven insane and thought if all bad things happened to her, she was meant to be bad aswell. so she went on rampage from 1939 to 1945. she was caught on Sept. 13 1945 and was sentenced to life due to insanity in prison. she was charged with killing 1,234 magical beings, 1,589 mortals, and 509 endangered magical species.