Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Story arc outline on the first wisp!

it was a cloudy day in mystic Chicago, it was late august, and Tabitha Fada's parents were missing for a week now. Tabitha gazed upon the window draped in a camouflage of drops, and drips. She thought of this as her minds eye, clouded by the mystery of her parents, Timothy and Aggatha Fada. Little does Tabby know that her parents are a member of the elite league of defense, a group founded in the 50's to detect rises in activities from Decora's followers. They deyected a huge mound of evidence concerning the matter but were soon kidnapped. In weeks to come she is informed of her parents friends', Adeline and Seamus(shay-mus) O'Carroll(yeah i changed it to a real irish name!sowhat) will take her in until she attends wisp on the 1st. she imediatley takes a liking to the couple, and vice versa. at her first day of school she makes friends and enimies, that is the first chapter of the 13 chapter story arc! srry for spelling on some things, i really don't try!

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