Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More on Bouy Base, from a post of long ago, so be sure to always look back i f i type somting like this

Buoy Base: Pacific locale
Buoy base 1 was built in the summer of 1941, in august, a few months before pearl harbor. during world war II the magical beings of the world were in their war as well, one against Decora. Decora had started her war in august of 1939, when she slayed the entire town of Gagramithium, in subspace Sweden. By Dec. of 1940 her alliance had take all of Europe, except Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Decora was moving most of her plans to the sea, from every country she had invaded, she had taken any vessel that would suit her needs, in january, she invaded the Atlantic off the coast of the U.K. and France, thus having direct access to her biggest threat, Ireland. In February, after she saw that the irish wouldn't give up easy, she pulled out and sent vessels into the Mediterranean, she planned on going through Africa, Asia minor, and out of the Indian ocean, until she was in the pacific. she eventually got to Egypt, from ther she went into Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. she was into the Indian ocean now. Meanwhile her Asia minor battalion had gone throgh Turkey and eventually Asian land like syria, iraq and others. Very soon she was in india, and they took ashore. After dreadful experiences in the indian ocean, she had reached their spot. On march 12th, 1941, they entered subspace and spotted a navel base outside mystic Honolulu. with Sparkuad elite cannons, in a matter of minutes, the base was only smoke, and scorch marks on the beach. In summer, long after Decora had retreated to head to mexico, the Magical federations for navel safety needed a way of monitoring her activities, so they had completed Buoy base in the Pacific, it was half way north east between Hawaii and Japan. After the war, all weaponry was put into storage, and renovations were made to house the dying society of selkies in the subtropics, and sea of japan. By the 60's it had become a popular community and resort. it was the only base for nearly 30 years.

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