Monday, July 21, 2008

Wicked fancy cancelled, new comic in replacment

New comic has yet to be named but for the start a new comic has just came to mind...yesterday.

After the predicted suicide of his big brother, a newly announced orphan is forced to the streets of london with out food, water or, since fragile shyness, friends. Scaviging for food one long month after his brothers passing, he falls upon a little shop in an alley way, he has just won a few coins after hours of doing all he can to earn them from pit-pocketing to the dark depths of begging.He feels the neeed to buy something like a warm "blanket" for the winter that is yet to come, with no regrets he walks in with high hopes,
Although the mourn and depression, with a dash of happieness has yet to be told..............

its thorroly planned though with names, time, wheres and hows to yet be learned.......

oh yeah sorry deeply for the bliss, ill be back this thursday from Spain.

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