Saturday, July 19, 2008

NewHeroes and wisp are now my two comics

a sample of Newheroes' very wierd speeches and lines
To live as freedom or fall to anarchy is what the world lives by,
Why can’t we put a spin on things?
Riots and havoc are ensured to a world with rules
So if no one was angry at anyone, would villains exist?
When we were promised the world
Not a soul said it had to be world we grew up with
This part always cramps my style
You know me for this so well
Esplanade City needs a better type of hero, one they don’t deserve
A villain in Disguise
A tortured soul whose tragedy in life happened soon on
As people are forgotten, those who live on are reminded by praise and worship
So as you are given choices to bring life, or take a way death

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