Monday, November 24, 2008

dialog isn't placed right, but who cares PART DOUS!

“Is it?, no!, no, you, you monster!! You did this to me face, why am I here?!?” she stuttered and frenzied. “You are here because I killed you, but I’m a changed woman, i grew bored with insanity a long while ago, and im here to help the people before it’s too late,” she whispered as she grasped tabby’s hand with her own velvet squeeze. “You liar! What makes you think I would believe a murderous brute such as yourself!” “Please child, forgive me, my past is over with, there is only the now, and a future, which currently looks BLEAK!” she said with a slight annoyance in her tone near the word bleak. “I apologize, im a bit cranky with what the world has become” the reformed woman extrapolated. “I don’t even respect you, how could you come to me, a rotting corpse! for help?” the fiery haired gal squealed. “I didn’t intend for that to happen, you see, without an opponent, my life grew dull, I set out to kill, but I saw I was meant to help” Decora explained“I don’t believe you!” Tabitha snapped. Now it was clear that Tabby would literally need more time to mend her wounds, the emotional ones. “Are…my friends, ya know, alive?” Tabby stuttered with a pale, open look on her face.“I wish they were,A-A-Adeline was killed, by” Decora almost finished, but Tabitha interrupted with her own thought blurting out like vomit “YOU!?!” she exclaimed with a slight disgust in her query. “NO! I wouldn’t do that! She was my partner. I wouldn’t dare harm her!” Decora tearfully shouted. “And the rest? They died of other causes?” “That’s right.”


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