Sunday, November 25, 2007

real sorry.... =(

i am really sorry i haven't updated in so long i was very busy and i just now cleared my schedule but to fill you in on everything i did here you go: Thanksgiving was fun, i bought a video game for my Nintendo Wii (Blazing Angels: squadrons of WWII, it is pretty cool), then i was filling out, & making costume designs, and new characters for all my comics ;) ,Then earlier today at 10:15 am i went to see Beowulf and it was incredible and i absolutely loved the storyline it was astonishing!, now i am just typing away at the keyboard.... and i can at least promise that Gothlock at least begins around December, and just so you know, you might be disappointed with me but i am so angry at myself since it has been taking me so long to begin all my comics!!!!!!>_< fans =")">