Thursday, November 1, 2007

perish children

After passing out candy to snobby undeserving kids not all were snobby just the little demons that just held their bags out looking around at their surroundings but i had a special treat for those monsters my friend was dressed in all black and a ski mask and when i said some lame phrase when the kid walked away like "enjoy your candy" or "your costume is terrible kid" (i cracked up after every time i said that)tehe, well they would walk away and id say a phrase then my friend would jump out and grab them yes they deserved everything we did them and no we didn't scare smaller children just the forth, fifth, and sixth graders and wow some could scream loud really
After that my cousin my friend and i went out and walked around a couple of neighborhoods scaring more children and for some odd reason
I walked up to like 30 people and said"hello Governor" gave them a hand shake and took a bow then i said something insulting and ran!!!!!!!!!!!!

so that was my Halloween and Gothlock Saturday or Sunday so sorry about the wait i would make a comic everyday if i had the time really so ill post later bye guys